Jason Tan Strongerhead Curtin Ad391 Advertising Campaign Development Nov 2012 class

Due to the size of the class in the evening, we managed to combine the day and evening class to work on their group projects. We have two groups in total. And I am very proud to say that the outcome of the project was fulfilling. The quality of the ideas speaks for itself. This group of students send a signal to us that the number of students counts for nothing. It is the ability to work together as a team and dedication that make greatness possible.

The project was about how to encourage S’poreans to procreate. It was a tough project to wok on as the issue at hand was a challenging one. How do we persuade Singaporeans, who are not looking to have kids for monetary reasons, to now consider starting a family. And these students managed to make the campaign interesting and yet convincing. I would definitely be uploading their project as class materials on my website in the near future.

You will all be remembered as one of my greatest batch of students ever, whom has always excited me with your ideas. I had always looked forward to reading your projects and assignments. There are always stimulatingly good.

Take good care and keep in touch my students of Ad391 Nov 2012, and now graduates of Curtin University:

Rebecca; Wei Lun; Yee Wen; Phyu Phyu; Cindy; Noel Heng; Michelle Tay; Amanda Lim; Glen Liu; Wirawan and Jo Chieng. We will definitely catch up for drinks and dinner soon to talk about the good times we have had again.