Jason Tan Strongerhead Curtin Ad391 July 2012 class photo

Who says government liked projects must be dull and serious. You guys did a fantastic job to make a corporate brand campaign interesting and fun.

This marks the last lesson for many of you. All the best to your career venture. I sincerely wish the career passport and all the career development tips come in handy. Remember the marketing strategies and be sure to apply them. It is the ability to apply the various strategies and make them come to live that separate the mediocre and the experts.

Ying Xuan, all the best to your Korea trip. Make it fruitful but be sure not to forget Singapore 

Isabella, Charmaine and Wen Xuan, you girls can really present well. Be sure to leverage this as your asset and build on it. It should bring you to places.

SuiHua, Jia Er, Fui Lin, Wei Lun, i bet you realise your hard work had paid off. Graduation is near and be ready to do the same for your career. It will pay off handsomely again.

Theresia and Josiah, all the best to furthering your studies. Have fun being students.

Gellien, I am sure you can get into SIA one day if you don’t give up. Anything is possible.

Crystal, the star gamer, you can do this as your side line and create multiple streams of income with gaming. All the best.

Rachel and Nadhirah, be sure to follow your dreams and make them happen. Be bolder and don’t listen to dream killers.

Ivan Kong, u need to smile more. But I am sure you have no problem making every of your staffs listens to you when you don’t smile. You can be discipline master. Or Hollywood Villain.

Audrey Lee, I hope you can fulfil your dreams to travel and work overseas soonest.

Yong En, I can see you starting your own alcoholic beverage business already. Keep it up.

Chulin and Wan Ling, I am glad you guys completed the journey. I hope you will continue to complete race after race ahead of you.

Shawn, I hope you find your career direction soon. Take your time, and don’t rush it. You will see the light so long you keep on pursuing.

Joey, you are the most interesting and creative guy of all who dares to go against the odds. Keep this spirit going, but be sure to polish your creativity and bring it to a new level. And never play with the air con remote please.

Steven, happy managing your club business. I hope to visit your club one day.

Jonathan Koh, good luck to your CP contest. And keep your energy level going. You have a lot of initiatives. And I bet a lot of employers will love it.

Vineeta, congrats to your marriage. I wish I can be there for your wedding celebration. But my schedule would not allow me to fly during June period. But I wish you a happily ever after marriage life.

Jason Strongerhead remembers:
Isabella Chan; Ying Xuan; Charmaine Chia; Jia Er; Fui Lin; Crystal; Sui Hua; Chulin; Theresia; Josiah; Jonathan Koh; Ivan Kang; Audrey Lee; Vineeta; Rachel; Nadhirah; Wen Xuan; Gellien; Shawn Ong; Steven Oky; Yong En; Wan Ling; Yi Zheng Joey