Jason Tan Strongerhead Direct & Digital Marketing at Marketing Institute Singapore class photo 1 April 2013

1 April 2013, Monday marked the end of two classes which totally explain the yin and yang’s theory. On one hand, I had a class filled with misery, and it was no April Fools joke. On the other hand, I had another class filled with energy and compassion, and thankfully, it’s the real thing even on April fools Day. Both must co-exist to demonstrate the good and the not so good. Mother Nature has its ways to keep its balance.

To be fair, the concept behind Direct & Digital Marketing has been a tough one to grasp. Not that it is rocket science stuff, but something many are not accustomed to. Most people are only exposed to the concept of general marketing, where Direct & Digital Marketing brings accountability to a new level making most things quantifiable.

Which gives me more reasons to salute the students who had embraced the 12 sessions within 10 short weeks to complete this module. I can’t say they have mastered the concept behind such marketing techniques, but they have definitely managed to re-frame their beliefs about marketing and how they can make its effort works harder and yet measurable.

The evening class of students have set the benchmark in terms of level of enthusiasm, attitude for learning, and amount of laughter and joy a class should have for conducive learning to take place.

Three cheers to my BAM 1st and 2nd intake warriors. Thank you so much for your standing ovation. All the best to your exams, and I hope you guys would be able to put the concept of Direct & Digital Marketing to good use for your career, making success quantifiable and measurable.

Cheers to:

BAM 1st intake
Bui Wei Kelvin
Chan Yan Nee Sharon
Koong Zen
Kwan Mei Fong
Lee Lianfeng Winston
Ng Jaan Liing Dickson
Quek Tzu Fang
Ren Xia
Robin Nana Lim
Soh Beng Seng Benjamin
Tan Li Li
Tan Su Ya
Tang Choe Whye

BAM 2nd intake
Azlan Shah Bin Mohamed Zain
Seri Binte Abdullah
Quenmantha Yeong Wei Fen
Low Soon Hoe
Peck Soon Peng Anthony
Yeo Wenni Winnie