Jason Tan Strongerhead doing the Harlem Shake with 38 & 39th of GDM103 (Graduate Diploma Marketing Communications) class at Marketing Institute Singapore

Quality size of 14 from all walks of life (as far as Colombia; Spain; Myanmar; China; Vietnam; Indonesia; and India). It felt like working in a regional team filled with great exchanges of ideas and cultures. Although we all had our differences, but the Harlem Shake has definitely brought everyone together in style.

And what matters most is that we all cleared the module and are ready for our next course. All the best to everyone. Let’s shake our way to a better tomorrow with:

Aizhan; Chris; Monica; Lai; XiCheng; Priyanka; Grace; Andres; Junjie; Hung; Rima; Mengyi; Xu Jie and YouXuan.