Jason Tan Strongerhead Enrichment class at Curtin Mar 2012

This was the last ‘Enrichment Class’ in Mar 2012, as Curtin has changed its name from ‘Enrichment Classes’ to ‘Self Studies’.

I must say, be it the foreign students, but especially the Singaporeans, it is quite a pity that not many of them are interested in this type of classes. I can see why they could not respond positively to these classes. They are being ‘forced’ to attend such sessions. And most of them are in their opinion, too young to start worrying about their career. They think by studying what they are studying in school is already doing their part to build up their career.

As a result, Curtin no longer conducts such sessions for the students anymore. The sessions are now more focus on how to study more effectively, report writing and on referencing. Which makes more sense base on the immediate needs of this group of students. Nevertheless, they still deem it as a waste of their previous time. Many of them some how adopted this mindset of “Tell me something i don’t know”. I bet the saying is TRUE. You can only help those who wish to help themselves. And even harder for someone to learn anything if they think they know it all.

However, they are quite a handful of them who actually enjoyed the sessions. Especially those who volunteered to attend the session. I remember Donald (From Vietnam) and Yokebeth (from Indonesia). There were a couple of times where I had conducted the sessions and had received great positive responses from the students. Even had a standing ovation from the crowd. I forgotten to capture a photo as a memoir for my blog. But those moments stays and echoes in my memory in eternity and I hope it does the same for those who had enjoyed and benefited from the sessions too.

I hope those who are reading this article to remember, it is never too EARLY to start planning for your career. And lastly, always take advantage of seminars that teaches you things that your schools are not teaching you. These are essential skills that would come in more handy than algebra.