Jason Tan Strongerhead GDM103 67th, 68th & 69th Graduate Diploma Marketing Communications at Marketing Institute Singapore class photo 13 April 2013

Probably the smallest GDM class I have ever had. Despite the size of the class, the energy level of the class still rocks. And thankfully for that, my weekends felt really well spend with these folks around for all our classes.

From the quality of their projects, I expect this class to walk out understanding what Marketing communications is all about, and have a clearer understanding about what Marketing can do for businesses.

I love how Valerie (from Philippines) and Diana (from India) have participated actively to fight for their scores during classes. I can see why many of our locals are feeling the heat from foreign talents with their eagerness and enthusiasm.

Edward Kim (from Korea) seems to have captured the concept of Direct & Digital Marketing. I hope he put it to good use for his B2B business.

Francis Tan (from Singapore) looks all set to complete his Graduate Diploma and progress towards his higher education in no time. He is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the F&B industry.

Su Hiet Aung (From Myanmar) is a sharp lady with attention to details.

Only 5, but they seemed to have made the class so complete.

All the best to your next phrase of your life, and stay in touch.

Jason Strongerhead