Jason Tan Strongerhead MIS DSM 71th class photo

This is a part time diploma class that I had conducted at Marketing Institute Singapore in Apr/Jun 2012. Apologies for the delay in uploading these photos. I’m very sure you can now see the negative effects of procrastination. It can deter you from achieving anything that you may be after. However, it is better to be late than never. Which is why I picked up the discipline to do my best and update all my outstanding posts.

I just want to let the students of DSM 71th intake know that although the module has ended, but the days we have had together in class stays in my memory. It will remind me of the good times and the laughter we had together.

To the DSM 71th folks:
Jamie; Jenny; Jessica; Jerry; Zen; Jane; Jerome; Raymond; Mark; Angie; Dash; Thanalatchimi; Andy; Tarryn; Choon Soon.