Jason Tan Strongerhead MIS DSMM 4th (Full Time) class photo

This class had a good mixed of students from Singapore, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. I will remember this class, the class who gave me hot and cold treatment throughout the 12 sessions. It led me to wonder if they were paying attention, or if they were having a hard time catching up with the lessons, or if they were even interested to attend the classes sometimes.

But the revision lesson demonstrated their hunger to clear the module. Which got me to never give up on my students even when they might have appeared to be uninterested. Coz I might be wrong.

Some of them had progressed on to complete their degree. I am very proud to hear that. Keep the momentum going and complete the journey guys. I had not given up on you all, and I hope everyone of you will never give up on yourself.

Look forward to see you all again at the day of your graduation.

Chen Zhi Chong; Dong Chengyuan; Fan Peirong; Eben Haezer; Huang Lei; Wei Lun; Indrawati Angel; Jiang Yuhang; Rui Zhi; Yong Sheng; Nur; Jasmine Oh; Panida; Rachel; Sun Gang; Tran Thi Thao; Chong Lin; Yuting; Wenyu; Ziqian; Xinyi; Ting Ting; Yizhen; Jingying; Shu Liang