Jason Tan Strongerhead MIS GDM103 36th & 37th (Full Time) class photo

Many students from this batch had demonstrated their drive and determination to beating a career path in S’pore. Yes it is tough and challenging for foreign fresh grads to secure a job in S’pore due to competitive environment and stringent requirements. But some of the students from this class did it. Like Fu Wen Wen (Sylvia) and Mathilda. I also heard that after this post graduate diploma course, Ankit has developed plans to expand his career in Dubai. And I am sure many others from this class are taking big steps to make their dreams and goals alive.

I love your energy and guts. Many of you never take things for granted. You guys have reminded me the goodness of taking consistent action. We can all dream big. But without action, you will never achieve big things. I wish for everyone to take consistent actions and achieve your goals soon.

Chen Min, you have done well for yourself. Despite your weak command of English, you had never gave up. Even got yourself a decent grade for Marketing Communications. Keep up the spirit. Don’t let language be a barrier.

I am also very grateful for the humbling testimonials and emails from some of you. Wishing you all the best in your new venture. Stay in touch everyone.

High five to:
Cao; Thi Thuy; Fu Wen Wen (Sylvia); Mathilda; Raj; Mingyu; Minh; Ankit; Stella; Margarita; Zhu Zhe; Xicheng; Chen Min; Thu Huong; Tran Ngoc Anh; Ming Yi; Jessica; Kaliya; Ana Maria Martinez Restrepo.