Jason Tan Strongerhead Professional Diploma in Asia Pacific Marketing class photo

My first PDM class, and i’m loving it. This is a really special group of students who have brought me much joy in FOUR consecutive weekends. These folks are a bunch of good guys from around Asia Pacific Region to as far as Israel. Their appetite for success and eagerness to learn the ropes about Marketing Communications can be felt in every single lesson.

Although it has only been 8 intensive days, but you can already sense the vast change in their perspective on what Marketing is all about, and how it works. I’m proud to have been their lecturer, and more than honour to have become their friends too.

It was unfortunate that i had not been able to cover some of the topics on our very last lesson. I would like to use this as my platform to send my final wishes and messages to each and everyone of my PDM heroes.

Goals in writing are dreams with deadline.
Be sure to make this your most important deadline.
So pen it, do it, and track it.
Do anything to it, just don’t waste it.

All the best to your future endeavours. Cheers to:

Chen Jing Guang
Chhavi Porwal
Chia Pei San
Chinnadurai Sugumar
Edna Luah Xiao Hui
Emmy Lim
Htet Htet Lin
Keh Chin Chai
Lee Vincent
Li Zhen Zheng
Lin Yi Yi
Llaguni Sharon Alisuag
Nuh Arifin Sutanto
Priya Awatramani
Radhakrishnan Dinesh Kumar
Raj Suraj
Roni Lippmann
Shamundiswari Gopalakrishnan
Su Su Htwe
Tan Chow Ling Asterine
Than oo
Waheed Alastair Archer Bhatti
Zhang Jian
Zhao Jing
Zou Deshun