Jason Tan Strongerhead Valentine’s date with FTDipMComm16 class 14 Feb 2014 (Fri)

Why am I not surprise to see only 4 students out of 20 students at 12pm for class. I can obviously sense the love they have for school. Well, for me too but I shall not take it too personal thus let’s just say their love for school.

However, by 1pm, I have a better crowd of over 10 students where I found comfort knowing they are always some who still cares to attend the very last lesson of marketing communications class. We did some exam revision exercises and went through the overview of what marketing communications is all about. We ended the class with my routine class photo taking session, and here’s the list of those who came as a display of their love for the lessons. Strongerhead Thanks everyone.

Muhammad Shahril
Koh Jin-Teng Perry
Shaun Lim
Shawn Tan
Abigail Lee
Ryandri Rizky (riri)
husna ashroff
Daniel Nathan
Lim Ka Min
Eileen Loke
Hou Chao Yun (Kelly)
navin silvarajoo
De Costa Ian Russell
Nattasha Acee Dinesh

Kaplan MCom Class with Jason Tan lecturer

MCom Class with Jason Tan Strongerhead

MCom Class with Strongerhead