Jason Tan Strongerhead won the Excellence Lecturer Award 2012 at Marketing Institute Singapore

I was supposed to be on my way to KL on 19 Apr, Fri, to prepare myself for a career talk. However, I’ve decided to only make a trip to KL on the 20 Apr morning instead, as I do not wish to miss the 2012 D&D. I had missed the 2011 D&D as I was in Vietnam, thus I do not wish to miss it again two years in a roll.

This year, the D&D theme was black & white. I wanted to be playful with the theme by making myself a priest outfit, which ended up looking out of place as everyone was really properly dressed in sharp black and white suit, while I looked like foolish in my suit. However, the night ended with a pleasant surprise as this priest had won the “2012 Excellence Lecturer Award”. It meant a lot to me as I had won the award for the second time (the first one was in 2011).

I would like to thank everyone for your vote and support. It is with all your constructive feedbacks and participation that got me to learn more about how to conduct lessons that truly engage, making learning conducive and effective. This has reinforced my decision to make that switch from a marketing practitioner to a marketing lecturer. I will continue to strive for excellence to not disappoint the ones who had placed great faith in me.

Cheers and thank you all again from the bottom of my heart.

Jason Tan Strongerhead