job seekers advice

Seeking for job opportunities? Looking for a new job? Searching for a job can be challenging isn’t it?  

There’s a saying “the more you want, the less you get”.

Think about it. When you are looking for a taxi, you can hardly get one. When you are not looking for one, there’s plenty on the road.

When you do not need any loans, you keep receiving calls from banks offering you the best deal in town. When you are in desperate need for cash is where you find it tough securing yourself a bank loan.

In the same token, when you are seriously seeking to land yourself a job, no employers are hiring. WHY?

This is because, in most case, most people are doing the same thing at the same time.

The time you needed a taxi or cab is often during peak hours where everyone else are rushing to work or rushing to get home from work.

The time where most people are in need of loans is often during economic down turns where banks are looking to tighten their monetary policies.

Likewise, many people are looking for a job when the economy is bad, where a lot of them were being asked to leave for instance. During such times, other companies are lying off people, experiencing hiring freeze.

Using Warren Buffett’s theory of “Be fearful when everyone is greedy, and greedy when everyone is fearful”, you can help to avoid being in such situations by staying away from the crowd. Adopt the “be different” mindset (refer to my previous posting for details) to better position yourself.

I strongly urged all job seekers to understand the supply and demand curve of hiring situations and take advantage of it instead of being a victim of it.

Adopt this philosophy and put it into practice in other areas of your life. Don’t start taking Vitamin C only when you are down with flu and fever. Don’t start looking to be insurance when you are down with critical illness. Don’t start to exercise only when you are out of shape. Because it might be too late to get them when you realize you really need it.