Jump my way to victory (turning impossible possible)

I’m standing at 1.32m when I was in primary six. Yes, you are right, you will always see me standing in the first roll of all queues (Queues are organized in accordance to our height, from the shortest to the tallest). But I love to jump. So I decided to take up the high jump competition. I never thought I would lose, until I realized how tall all my contestants were. My tallest opponent was standing at 1.65m. He was voted the hottest contestants to win this event. And I’m considered the shortest joker who will entertain the spectators with my ‘low-jump’ skills. One of the contestants came to me saying “Do you know you need to jump over the bar, and not crawl under the bar in this contest”.

They knew I am short, very short. But they didn’t know I’ve been practicing ‘zero point’ (kids game – children attempts to jump over a line made of rubber bands) all the time at home. While everyone was laughing heartily and eagerly waiting for me to make a fool of myself, I was waiting to amaze them.

I once heard of a story that for many great athletes, they believe in the power of ‘seeing is believing’. Thus, before each run, they would visualize how they would start the run till they cross the finishing line. If they can picture it, they can achieve it. I adopted the same belief. Before I attempt each jump, I would visualize myself making the jump. I can sense the motion of me flying in the air, crossing the bar. Once I have a clear vision, I would attempt the jump. You must have guessed the outcome of the competition. Yes, I was the shortest ever contestants who got a ‘gold’ for the high jump event in my school. The winning jump was decided when I cleared the 1.65m height. I believe without my strong belief and constant practice, I’d never been able to experience victory in this field.

Mind over body do wonders. Belief in yourself. If you dare to dream it, you can achieve it.