Kaplan Advance Diploma Marketing Management Class photo 26 Aug 2013 with Jason Tan Strongerhead

I have to thank Kaplan for giving me the opportunity to meet these great students. Some of them became great friends after we had completed the module together.

During the classes, we shared many jokes and serious moments together. One of the highlights was during the projects brainstorming session. I saw many great ideas flying around the class. Green movement to save water, Subway Halal franchise, plasma window, bell boy services for shoppers, e-HRM system (very impressive idea).

On the jokes side, I thought my sharing on pupil dilation could be one to remember on demonic possession and relate it to marketing research techniques (Pupillary response). Maybe there’s more. i wish for my students to share their memorable moments on this post.

Cindy Lim
Grace Ng
Hwee Ying
Krisztina Kozary
Lau Wing Louise
Nelson Teo
Teresa Khoo
Yoshiko Joe
Ahmad Ismail
Mads Holm
Tim Yi Kai
Marcus Cheong
Stephanie Sanchez
Nor Faizah Bte Hussain
Lee Eunkyung Elle
Jessica Kong
Ow Jian Hao
Vivian He
Florence Joseph
Allice Tan
Steve Min
Maggie Fan
zhang xiaomin
Loo Gim Hong
Lau Louise

Kaplan AdvDipMM class Sept 2013 Photo with Jason Strongerhead 2

Kaplan AdvDipMM class Sept 2013 Photo with Jason Strongerhead

NG shot