Last lesson Ad391 July 2011 – Oct 2011

I had learned a great deal from you all. Your responses, be it positive or negative, had given me a lot of insights to ways where I can better my lectures.

I am happy that some of you have been really patience with me throughout the lectures, and glad that some of you have kept your faith in me. In the end, I hope I did not disappoint. Things did turns out to be fine.

I understand how you guys are feeling lost at times. I had gone through the same motion before too and I can relate to how you guys are feeling. But often, it is when you are feeling lost that create new breakthroughs and fascinating outcome. Look at your Ad campaigns, didn’t it turn out well in the end.

I sincerely hope everyone had been able to bag something from all the sessions that we have been through together. I had fun having you all as my students and I am proud had once been your lecturer.

I know we have taken quite a number of photos together. But every one of them tells me a different story every time I review them. And here’s our class photo taken on Tue night towards the end of our session.

First row: left to right

–          Shree (best debater of our time)

–          Renee Yip (great personality, one whom everyone will like to work with)

–          Gina Ng (a better and better presenter)

–          ME (Strongerhead)

–          Deanson Lee (Strategic suit in the making. Agencies should look out for his resume)

–          Denise Chng (Creative in nature)

–          Tan Zhi Rong (Impossible is nothing attitude gets you through everything you wish to pursue)

Second row: left to right

–          Melissa Lim (high integrity, who don’t take bribe)

–          Eunice Nicole Lim (Resourceful person filled with zest. You will be able to get close to your goals in no time)

–          Christina Beh (well travelled)

–          Shewon Ng (most gentle and sweetest girl award will go to her. Good GF and wife material)

–          Gladys Zhang & Lyn Ong (Dynamic duo: highly creative, full of drive. I believe you will do well in agencies)

–          Nesil (Very motherly and caring person)

–          Chen Hueiwen (Brave and tough lady, not to be mess with)