Tips for success: Losers’ common mistakes

In this information rich world today, everyone get access to limitless information and knowledge at the tip of their fingers easily. This makes everyone very savvy and more equipped with knowledge and information today. A good feeling to feel that you know a lot of things isn’t it?

With such exposure, many of us are more knowledgeable, with the ability to join the dots faster. Thus, whenever a topic is being raised, it is not surprising to see that most of people have already heard about the topic somewhere somehow.

Here’s the DANGER ZONE I wish to highlight, which is the “I KNOW” mentality.

For instance, when you ask, do you know the secret to getting rich is that “The Rich Get Richer”? The natural and common response would be “I KNOW”. Right? Some might even say “Who don’t know the rich get richer”. It is a common catchphrase you would come across every other day.

If you heard about something, read about something, talk about something, that does not mean You Already Knew it all. So how do you know if you know something? If you live it, you know it. For instance, if you truly understand what does “the rich get richer” means and that has been the foundation on how you have build your wealth and made you rich, I believe you know. But if you are not really rich, there’s a good chance there’s something you don’t know. You still have some things to learn about money, success and life.

However, many losers often go out to prove that they know it all. During a conversation, say on a topic about getting rich, they would talk as if they have got it all figure out. But they are still poor today and probably for many more years to come.

That is often a key difference between the winners and the losers, the successful individuals and the unsuccessful individuals. Losers think they already know whereas winners constantly learn and grow.

Your thinking affects your action. When you think you know about something, it will influence your set of actions, your ways of doing things. Ask yourself that question, has that set of actions and the ways of doing things make you a better you, a richer you, a happier you? Has it got you to become more successful? If not, there are some things you still don’t know, and some things you can learn to make you more successful.

The next time you hear about something you think you know, instead of adopting a “know it all” mentality, switch your mindset to adopt a “LEARN IT ALL” mentality. It will probably set you to learn new things, develop new knowledge, which will influence you into new ways of doing things and get you new results.