Managing people

Managing people is an important aspect of your career. I dare to say this is particularly relevant for those in the marketing and/or advertising field, esp the marketing exe working for a corporation or agencies.

After many years in the industry, i have to say, managing people to me is one of the most challenging and difficult task in my entire career. But it is something u cannot escape. You will need to manage dowawards or updwards regardless of your position / title. Just that the degree of complexity will differ at different levels. Managing people includes your colleagues, especially your team members, your bosses, your clients, from internal stakeholders to external stake holders.

Different people have different agenda and different perspectives. For instance, some people are aggressive. Some are career driven. Some are driven by ‘relationship – True love’ (BGR is everything, work is secondary). Thus it is very important to know who you are dealing with, in order to better understand their agenda and their side of the story. Only then, u can see things from their perspective. With that, you will and should be able to better manage them.