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I have been having a quiet few months of late. But it has also offered me time to tidy up my place. Catch up with my few good friends. And most importantly, it has given me time to attend workshops and courses with the aim of keeping myself relevant. Especially in times where change is the only constant, we are in the era of ‘Survival of the most Adaptable’ rather than the ‘Fittest’. We have to constantly learn, unlearn and relearn.

Speaking of which, i am beginning to unlearn and relearn about how to engage with the Gen Z (born after 1995). What drives them to learn? What motivates them in life? I am still hoping for my Gen Z students to shed some lights on this area.

Here’s a bunch of Gen Z students i had crossed path with at Kaplan – FTDipMComm29 (Diploma in Mass Communications: Marketing Principles). I have made a few good friends here like the entrepreneurial cum DJ Ethan Teo, and the poetic Audrey Wei who can writes beautifully.

JasonStrongerhead Classphoto with FTDipMComm29

JasonStrongerhead Classphoto with FTDipMComm29 Fun shot

JasonStrongerhead Classphoto with FTDipMComm29 v2

Big Congrats FTDipMCOmm29, your MP exam is over. Go celebrate and be sure to strive on till you get your degree!

Here’s the Gen Y majority who forms the PTDipGS14 class at Kaplan for Diploma in General Studies – Marketing Principles. Super high energy, and super fun class to have. Loving every minute while i am having lessons with them. i would say NO BORING moment, do you agree with me PTDipGS14?

Unfortunately, i forgotten my camera, and my smartphone is not too smart these days cause my phone camera is not working. I can only make do with 1 and only photo with these folks. Those who have taken photos using your phone, could you share your pic with me please.

JasonStrongerhead classphoto with PTDipGS14

Lastly, i have finally create a professional page on Facebook. Do follow me on where i will be sharing my views on career development and investment ideas for dramatic results.

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