Marketing Communications class with Jason Tan Strongerhead at MIS for DSMM 2nd

This is by far the BEST DSMM class I have ever taken. There wasn’t a single lesson without laughter and joy. Best of all, the students showed great enthusiasm throughout all the lessons and even managed to pick up one life skill or two from marketing communications. What more can I say, but to pay tribute to these unsung heroes.

One more thing, this class demonstrated the power of storytelling as a tactic to enhance the learning journey. I am very sure everyone at DSMM 2nd intake will not detest this fact. From now on, everyone in my class would be able to associate dramatization with Bao Long (a childhood acquaintance who loves to drag and lie). It is a far better way to get students to remember marketing terms and getting meaning across using stories we can all relate.

My apologies for the long delayed in uploading these photos. The last class actually ended in Dec 2012. I just want to let you all know I had not forgotten about it. And more importantly, I also want you all to know that I am glad to have been your lecturer and friend. You be remembered. Cheers to all and stay in touch. Will definitely meet up with some of you again soonest.

May you enjoy a great 2013 and make endless positive experience.

Special thanks to:
Lim Heng Twan Darry
Lim Chai Heng
Cheng Kok Wei Ivan
Shang Chia Leong
Ang Kuan Yong
Ang Kok Keong Edmund
Chang Siew Ping Apple
Loke Lai Cheong
Izen Toh Yi Zhen
Chloe Lai Choy Yin
Toh Yong Gui
Yang Yao Qing
Lim Sher Yee
Sin Teck Zhen
Goh Jee Ching
Tan Xin Yi Genevieve
Xie Ai Jia Fanesa
Ng Mao Sen Ethan
Lim Dao Hui Kliff
Goh Yi Ying Lynne
Julianna M.K.
Wei Yi
Lee Chong Chye
pang sookk kheng
chua chen hock
yeo wenni
leong kairui
William Wang
Lim Han Sern
Toh Zhi Hao Jerry
Yeap Kim Piau Alex
stephenie low li zhen
oh liting
chin ji yip
ye sheng feng