Marketing Communications class with Jason Tan Strongerhead at MIS for DSMM 3rd

The very first lesson, I was quite taken aback by the students’ response. Everyone seemed rather skeptical and stern. Legs crossed, arms folded, in a “let’s see what this lecturer is capable of” mode.

But the air was cleared after a few more sessions. I guess that’s a typical warm up phase that most lecturers will have to go through. Just keep doing what you do and the warmer respond will be received.

And I have made some new friends from this class too. Like Danny, James, Pearl, Alice, Cindy, and many more. Which really gives me something to remember from DSMM the 3rd.

I wish you guys all the best and keep in touch. I wish all of you will not stop at your diploma, but complete your degree. And remember, life is all about personal branding. If you can at least remember that, I feel I had done my job well.

Happy 2013 and Cheers to:
She Shu Zhong Kelvin
Cui Junye
Ng Peng Chuan James
Aylwin Ong
Alice Lim
Chong Wai Chee
Casper Choong
Long Foo Chun
Kelvin Aw Kai Ming
Wong Chee Wai
Ong Boon Hwa
Chua June Wee
Wee Tat Shing
Eng Sue Fern
Lee Lim
Wee Jian Zhi
Lim Pearlyn
Lam Yik Seong
Tere Wong
Teoh Chee Wei
Wong Siew Eng
Foo Ming Gong
Kan Xue Li Shelley
Quek Chu Hwi Nicole
Cindy Ang