Meeting with Saatchi Lab and Star Cruise at Ad391 Jul 2011 batch

Many students have with them a forest of questions about their career before they graduate. At Ad391, we would arrange for students to meet up with real life practioners in hope to give them insights to their career development.

Meeting session with Jason Tan (Saatchi Lab) and Chris Tan (Star Cruise) for insights into a Marketing career. It was a full 2 hour intensive session without toilet break, smoke break, tea break, not even the time to stretch ourselves properly. But i had been fruitful and one that our Ad 391 warriors benefited from. I had benefited and learn a great deal from it myself too.

Here are some take away i gathered from this session:

Know yourself to know what you want from your own career. ie: Find out what you would enjoy doing and make a career out of it. If you like gaming, monetise your passion, be a professional rock star gamer, and make a living from it.

Never underestimate or undermine your capability. Everyone can value add. Just need to find your right field where you can shine. ie: be it you are a piece of gold or a seed, you can be of good use if you find your ground. Gold is useless when mix with soil. You can beat gold with seed if you find yourself the right grounds.

Everyone needs to start someone in your career. So long you take continuous actions, you will see results and learn from every experience that comes with it. ie: i once join an accounting firm. I make some extra pocket money from it, and captured some experience as an assistant accountant. And i realise i dislike it. That was the most valuable experience. I learn more about myself, and help me redefine my career path which got to who i am today.

Below are some photos taken (pardon the photo quality) with Jason Tan and Chris Tan.

Students involved include: Shree, Lynn, Melissa, Christina, Eunice, Deason, Gina, Gladys, Yvonne, Denise, Hui Wen, Shewon, Nesil.