MIS DSM 70th class lesson with Strongerhead

Quite uncanny way to end the class. Had always ended class lesson in ‘style’, with lots of photo taking, a lot of sharing about students’ career developments and insights into career progression and planning. As such, for the first time, i managed to end the class really early.

I must say, majority of the students in this class are somewhat more exams focused oriented. I guess all they want out of this module and experience is to clear this subject and get their paper qualification. Probably they do not see any other value that the lecturers could offer besides providing crystal clear examination tips. But at least, they know what they want in that aspect.

In any case, I am glad to know some of them in this class. People like Jerlyn Tan, Clarence Choo, and a few other energetic and driven individuals (I got to admit I was not able to recall the names of these guys. My bad.).

Thankfully, I managed to take a photo with them, which helps me to remember these folks. Not the full strength but I these folks managed to make their numbers count.

All the best to your exam.