MIS DSMM 1st intake (part time) class photo with Jason Tan Strongerhead

Just completed another Integrated Marketing Commiunications module with MIS DSMM 1st intake part time students.

They are a fun batch to have, and i will definitely missed them all. i still remember we had our very first session on Valentine’s Day. The ‘LOVE’ they demonstrated during class was excellent. And they refused to allow me to knock off 15 mins earlier for them even on V-day. Their energy level is terrific. And on our last lesson, one of the students even suggested that they are open to come back for an additional class if i am not able to cover everything by last night.

Last evening, apart from the revision session for their exams that we have had, we also had an hour conversation on a topic about to further your studies or not to further your studies.

Let me summarised it below and i hope that will be of benefit to you guys.
– If you pull out a price chart for educational fee for the last 10 – 20 years, you would have realise that the trend has always been up. it’ll never come down. For those who are seriously thinking of getting your degree, the sooner you enroll, the lower price you be enjoying.

– Whatever modules you are going to enroll yourself into, choose something that you enjoy studying. Makes your journey less painful.

– After you have enrolled into the course, BITE THE BULLET and make sure you see through it till the end of the tunnel. No matter what happens, you are better off with a degree cert. As soon as you have your degree, in terms of educational level, you are quite on par with all those who has a degree.

– Which University to choose from? Refer to http://strongerhead.com/how-to-choose-your-university/ for more infor and details.

Here’s to the folks whom we took our class photo with.
Darren Zee; Janson Hong; Anthony Goh; Zulkeflee; Ishaizam; Jesslyn Lau; Martin Pang; Randy Tan; Eric Yong; Yeo Wee Aik; Ng Xue Qian (Elva); Candy Lim; Fion Chiai; Koh Yi Ting; Jason Tan Strongerhead; Marcus Tan; Lee Tiong Kon (Don); Tan Yongwen; Frankie Siow; Ang Joo Sing; Roy Koh; Jeffrey Yap

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