What can i do with my degree

You have completed your degree and you are wondering what can the degree for you.

Here is a preconception about what a degree can do for you: TO GET YOU A JOB.

Now this is a myth. An urban legend. A paradox. Whatever you wish to call it, you know a degree does NOT guarantee you a job.

There are countless individuals out there who went on and got themselves a degree in a field that looks like a decent career to be into, thinking that the degree cert would kind of guarantee them a job in that field. However, time have passed by and for some, even as far as one to two years later, they are still UNEMPLOYED. Even during good economic condition, there have been many degree holders out there who are still unable to land themselves a job.

If you are in this situation, so now what? Did you just land yourself with a costly worthless degree?

Here’s the right thing you should have done before you go on to pursue your degree. It should not be with the aim of guaranteeing you a job. It should be about getting you equipped with some knowledge about the industry or the field you are interested in (notice I didn’t use the word all, as school can only teach you so much). It gives you a tiny bit of insights into how the industry works and functions. So you have some ideas on how you might fit into your field and value add.

But of course, before you do all that, you should ensure that you know what you want for your career, and you are passionate enough to want to pursue that career path, before going to get your degree for that relevant field.

However, if you have already gotten your degree, and it does not happen to be a degree that is relevant for your field. What should you do?

You need to re-evaluate your situation to see if your career goals require you to have very special and specific knowledge or skill. ie: Medical Practitioner, Lawyer, Architect, etc. if so, you have to make a call if that is what you are really into. If so, it is better to be late than never. Go get yourself educated all over again. But with your passion, you should be able to pull through and come up as one of the top cream of the crop with much determination and effect. Remember “impossible is nothing”.

If your career goal does not necessary required special skill sets that needed some kind of certification before you can kick start your career, than you are in a better position in terms of time. A degree can’t guarantee you a job. But with a degree, it does qualify you for more roles and jobs in numerous fields. I have friends in Marketing who now run a department doing Accountancy. I have seen people who are in Accountancy but did very well giving motivational talks. There are people who have a degree in engineering but currently handling managerial role in a major advertising agency. There are those who studied shipping and offshore, but now a successful property agent. People who are in Product Research & Development, but now a successful oil trader. Computer gigs who turn into a remisier. The list goes on and on.  

Certainly, it will take some readjustments. Some form of re-educating and training to get you started into your new career path. A lot of reading, observation, hands on experiences. You will go through a steep learning curve. But if you persevere, and hang in there long enough, the fruit is going to be sweet. You will be one of those few who get to work on a job that you love WITHOUT Monday blue.

Don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams. Just Do It.