my first book on trading

Many of my trading friends would have known, i have alway wanted to write some books about trading. Not just any kinds of trading books. But books that i’ll find it easy to read. Cause very often, i find that one of the barriers i have to overcome is to take the time to read all the words in details before i get a clearer picture of what the book is saying. Which should be the case if you want to understand the essence of the book you are reading. However, i’m quite a visual guy. I was hoping that there is going to be a be book designed for people like myself.

After much thinking and planning and reading and struggle, i had finally been able to come up with my first book structure. The inspiration came begging while i was taking the MRT train on my way to my ex-office to be. I was suppose to read a book i had brought along with me. But some how, my head was filled with ideas on how i should structure my first book. This drove me to pen them down immediately before i forgotten about them which often happens to me.

My first book will be about understanding trading 101 type. It is a very short, small book. I’ve decided to give it away for free on the internet. So wait for my books guys, especially to all my friends out there. You can download it for free when it is ready. My first gift to you all for all your support and trusts you have given me.