My first PSB experience in Jul 2013

I stated my first lecturing experience at PSB for Foundation of Marketing in Jul 2013. Honestly, i had great fun conducting every single classes. In fact, I was actually considering making it a regular session since I enjoy doing it so much. These students are being exposed to the concept of Marketing for the first time. I wanted to play an instrumental role in making sure they start off in the right foot.

But these students also taught me a very important lesson. Smiley students might not be happy students. Students define learning ‘what is useful’ differently these days. We didn’t managed to see eye to eye in terms of what I’ve for them versus what they wanted from me. This class has reminded me the importance of managing expectations of YOUR CUSTOMERS.

Despite not being able to come to terms with some of the students, as some of them blamed me for making them work too hard for this module, I did get a pleasant surprise at the end when some of them decided to present me with their ‘thank you’ note.

Jason Tan Strongerhead FOM PSB class testionial

Jason Tan Strongerhead FOM PSB class photo Jul 2013 2

Jason Tan Strongerhead FOM PSB class photo Jul 2013