My first Service Marketing class ADMM202

Finally, it has come to the end of my first service marketing class. I enjoyed myself alot throughout the 15 sessions. The only thing which stressed me out was my inability to balance time between work and class. I felt really bad to have change my lessons several times over. This experience got me to realise that i should not take up lessons with intensive day classes per week. However, i did not regret my decision. I’ve made alot of new friends from Indonesia, Vietnam, China, and a few S’pore friends too. I gotta document this one guy from China who left a deep impression during my class. When was late, he gave the excuse that he was out running a marathon in support for sick children. Although he is full of crap, but a pretty smart chap who never fails to instill an air of humour breaking the ice from time to time.

Big thank you for all your patience and support for ADmm202 class. Here’s some photo we took during class. Not everyone were captured here. i hope we could arrange an outing after your exams, and we can take more photos, and go out for a good treat as friends. meanwhile, all the best to you guys.