Thanks Cheryl for your nice testimonial

Here’s a really nice testimonial. It’s one thing to get such nice words from students but it means even more when lessons in life are appreciated above the lessons on advertising. This is what motivated me to share and teach and go the extra mile to help the keen and hungry career seekers to build their empire.

Jason is an asset to whichever organisation he works in, and also to the people around him. 🙂 I believe that looks are deceiving and Jason is a true blue walking testimony… not that im talking about his gangster-like looks (LOL!), but underneath all that superficial traits about him lies someone that inspires and motivates people to reach their goals.

I didnt know what to expect when I had my very first class with him in Ad Principles 100. Ever since, I looked forward to more classes! Not because he has a quirky sense of humour, but he makes classes more exciting and most of all, he was willing to go out of his way to make sure every student understands. I think its fortunate that students like me get to be under his wing and learn things that can never be found in textbooks.

Its a pity that I wont have a chance to be in your class anymore Jason.. but I thank you for the 3 classes you’ve taught me. I’ve gained alot and im happy for the students that will be under your care in future 🙂 Wish you all the best in fulfilling your goals! Be it retiring at 35 or even marrying megan fox, i’ve no doubts in your abilities…. =D

Cheryl Lim