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Picture tells a thousand words

I found a drawing on the internet. Though i’m not a fan of angry birds, but this picture tells a thousand words. Might be a great examples to explain one of the Advertising & communications Principles “Visual & Verbal” framework.

Strongerhead Dow history analysis

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 13 May 2013

We have a new record. The pull back was on Thurs after the market rise further. Many wouldn’t have the courage to ride on the very mature up trend. But those who did, what’s next? And for those who did not, what’ next? The monthly charts of Dow and S&P is still on a clear […]

Strongerhead OCBC outlook 6 May 2013

Strongerhead views on Singapore outlook for the week 6 May

This is another one off demonstration on how Strongerhead set up can be used to analysis the Singapore market. Let’s take a look at the big picture. STI weekly is UP, but a massive MACD divergence spotted. STI Daily is in its overbought zone, with prices sitting at the top of its channel. If STI […]

Strongerhead Financial Market VIX outlook

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 6 May 2013

VIX attempted to rally, but was contained by the top of the green box (I’ve drew) and came back right down as soon as it touches the top of the green box. The hardest thing to do was to buy. And for those who have bought, congrats. However, if you’ve not profit take, will the […]

Strongerhead Gold outlook 6May2013

Strongerhead Gold Analysis for the week 6 May 2013

This is not my usual practice. As I normally do not share my views on individual stocks. But for educational purpose, I am just demonstrating how one could use Strongerhead setup on individual stocks for their analysis. I’m not a fundamentalist. But if you were to base Gold on its fundamental, Gold will be higher […]

Strongerhead Financial Market VIX outlook

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 29 Apr 2013

Those who had kept your faith with the bulls should have profited from the dips. If you have not taken your profit off the table, just ensure you do not let your profits turn into losses. April is coming to an end, the monthly candle of April looks poised to close UP. Next week, if […]

Jason Strongerhead 2013 birthday cake

Jason Strongerhead thanks to all the lovely 2013 birthday wishes

A very big thanks to everyone of you who have given me your wishes and blessings to the arrival of my 2013 birthday. The last one year have been another roller coaster ride, which makes life interesting isn’t it. I lost my job, but i gain more lecturing opportunities with more schools. I won the […]

disgusting loser

Sure way to Lose

Sure way to lose: Step 1 – Be around losers Step 2 – Make losers your best friend Step 3 – Listen to losers Step 4 – Believe losers are right Step 5 – Behave like losers Step 6 – Your turn to make other people lose more so you feel you are less of […]

Jason Strongerhead Career Talk in Kuala Lumpur

Thanks to Glen Liu (my ex student from Curtin), he has arranged for me to give a talk in KL on career development on 20 April, 7pm. We started our road trip to KL from S’pore at 7.30am and finally arrived at our destination at about 2pm. Hotel was great, but I didn’t get to […]

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