Marketing Communications class with Jason Tan Strongerhead at MIS for DSMM 2nd

This is by far the BEST DSMM class I have ever taken. There wasn’t a single lesson without laughter and joy. Best of all, the students showed great enthusiasm throughout all the lessons and even managed to pick up one life skill or two from marketing communications. What more can I say, but to pay […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 14 Jan 2013

As discussed last week, usually after a big move, a pull back is common due to profit taking. The first two trading days experienced a pull back before it made its run again towards a higher high. At this very moment, I hear some claimed, “bulls are in charge”. I also hear many saying “bears […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 7 Jan 2013

The bounced happened last week. Bulls came back with a vengeance. But right after the spike, a lot of profit taking, and prices kind of failed to stay above its high of the week. Good sign? Bad sign? Let’s take a look at the chart to check out the outlook for next trading week. As […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 31 Dec 2012

It has been a bearish X’mas trading week. 5 down days in a row. The first level of support failed to hold. For now, will the support at 1400 on the S&P hold? Is the market going to fall off the cliff? Like I said last week, I was watching the RSI reading like a […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 24 Dec 2012

Last week, instead of the market going slightly lower, it went slightly highly. The bears demonstrated strength, as shown by the VIX’s ability to break and stay above its daily resistance level by the end of the trading week. However, the market did closed higher than its previous week, staying true to the uptrend. How […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 18 Dec 2012

Last week as discussed, the market did rallied to re-test its previous high before it pulled back (refer to my previous week’s analysis at I did a very short term trade on VXX believing prices will pull back upon meeting its previous high. However, it does not mean I am now bearish of the […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 10 Dec 2012

As we have expected, prices hit resistance level on 30 Nov. As soon as the market opens on 3 Dec, prices did a pull back on the first two days. And it was buying opportunity, because long the prices didn’t break S&P 1385. And it rallied in the next 3 days to a higher high, […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 3 Dec 2012

The market did pulled back on the 1st two days, and continue its rally pushing prices above last week’s high. Congrats to all those who bought the dip. On next week’s outlook, let’s see the charts. Last week, I mentioned that before a confirmation of change of behaviour from bear to bull, usually a double […]

Jason Tan Strongerhead MIS DSMM 5&6th (Full Time) class photo

Time really flies. We are into the last quarter of 2012. I must say, 2012 have been kind to me. I’ve met many good students whom many of them have now turned into friends of Strongerhead  I am sure many of the students from the class of DSMM 5&6 will not be a stranger […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 27 Nov 2012

As we had anticipated, the market has finally bounced, and rallied pretty sharply. Could it be the start of a reversal or just a dead cat bounce? On the weekly chart of the Dow and S&P500, on the two occasions in the last 2 years, before any reversal, there’ll be a retreat from its bounced […]

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