Lecturing technique on news: Shin Min

Thanks to all Strongerhead supporters. It is from your continuous support and feedbacks that inspires me to constantly review my lecturing techniques into making it a more effective one. One of the techniques had actually got the attention of the Singapore Chinese Press (Shin Min, dated 3 July 2011, Sunday).  I had gotten nice feedback from friends […]

Lesson from Harry Porter: Achieve the unachievable

I read this from yahoo on lesson learned with Harry Porter. And fell in love with this phrase. “It’s your own choices that define you, not your abilities.” This was one of Dumbledore’s little nuggets of wisdom that he imparted on Harry at Hogwarts. So the next time someone berates you for failing at something […]

Lecturer “bribe” students to pay attention in class

A lecturer was “caught” paying students in his class to buy for their attention and fast track their learning. If you guys like that method, please click on the link and share your votes and comments. I hope this is going to be a good rumour 🙂 http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sgseen/this_urban_jungle/680012/lecturer_bribes_students_to_pay_attention_in_class.html

job seekers’ tips: how to impress your employer with articles

I’ve received a few queries from one of the students on glorifying your profile with articles writing, a technique that many could use to help build up your reputation within your desired industry. The questions were as follows:  1) How did you manage to find those websites which are willing to publish articles written by […]

I hate my job but i stayed on

Joe said: “I hate my job!” I asked why. Joe gave 1001 reasons why he hated this job. I gave some suggestions casually that might help to curb the situation. Joe responded with 101 reasons why all the suggestions will not work. It has reached a HOPELESS state. I imagine myself in that HOPELESS situation.. Goodness […]

First Ad310 class photo

Very really memorable class i had at Curtin. Got to meet most of you guys at Ad211, Ad340, Ad 310 and Ad391. It had been a great experience taking on Ad310 for the first time with u guys. And u guys made it a breeze for me through out the 12 sessions. I had learned a […]

Ad211 Mar 2011 batch from Curtin Singapore

A tribute to my very hot, beautiful, handsome and creative Ad211 March 2011 batch. You guys provided me with a good start to my 2011 classes with Curtin Singapore. I had a lot of fun and often looked forward to attending classes with u all. Hope to see everyone of you again for other classes. […]

Finding your career edge

The value you have to offer to your employer defines your edge. However, your edge would not be as sharp and effective if many others out there could also provide that same edge as yours. When that happens, you have an oversupply of value which you are offering. And your value goes down. It is […]

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