Stop working for others!!!

Stop working for others!!! Immediately when people hear this statement, some might say, “who is going to pay the bills?”, “eat grass, drink water every day is it?” Of coz, we need money. But we should start making money instead of earning wages/salary. On my previous blog, I wrote mind your own biz starts with […]

why u should mind your own business

Not sure if you have heard of this phrase. As for me, I first came across this phrase in the book by Robert, called Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The phrase reminds me to not work for others. Not sure if you have had similar experiences when you are working for others? “I am very disappointed […]

More DSM67 project infor

Hey folks, here are some more links that might give u insights to your projects on Heineken. (You should be able to arrive that Heineken is an International Premium Beer) (you might need to translate the text on this link) Here are some results that might be using: just another link […]

67th season looking good

it’s the start of a new season. first game had started, with 11 more matches to go. And I go play for a win-win game. Hope we are all on the same page. Today’s experience was a pleasant one. students seem more mature. Try to be back on time during break. Didn’t talk during lecture. Seem […]

Ready for DSM 67

17 Feb kicks start my session with DSM 67th intake. Will it be more enjoyable than the previous? That shall be the goal (and wishes, as it takes two) for StrongerHead this semester. There is a saying, to receive, you first have to give. Here are some useful links the students might find it handy […]

Ad391 Nov 2010 – Feb 2011 came to an end

Last night, it is the end of Ad391 Nov 2010 – Feb 2011 batch.  By this Fri, it will mark the end of my 2010 lecturing schedules. For most of them, i won’t have a chance to see them again. But for some of them, i’ll probably be meeting them again in other subjects. I […]

more Ad 340 Mood Board Reference

Ad 340 Mood Board reference Ad340 Mood Board references Ad340 Mood Board references

Ad 340 Mood board references

A mood board is often used to help paint a picture / scenario / idea / topic using visuals and words. In the case of advertising and marketing, the mood board plays an important in explaining core ideas, audience profiles, and possibly research findings as well using images related to a particular topic and put […]

psychology to avoid in career

Hey folks, I’ve listed down some quotes which might suggest some possible psychology while working. Not sure if it sounds familiar to you. But if you are experiencing this yourself, I hope you will do something to avoid such mindset. It can be a disaster for your career development. “I dun like what I am […]

promise more active postings after Jan 2011

Strongerhead (SH) has alot of experiences to share from before 30 to after 30. And how SH intend to retire by age 35 🙂 – getting very near already. it has been a hectic and busy 2010 for me. the 1st quarter of 2011, i expect a similar hectic and busy schedule. However, i’ve scheduled […]

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