Salute to Aug – Nov 2010 Ad 211 warriors

I have to say, after 12 sessions with the Aug – Nov 2010 Ad 211 batch, i do miss them alot. Although they seems to be in their own world at times, havin discussion during my lessons. but it is comforting to know that they understand what Ad 211 is all about at the end […]

how to have a head start in your job search

what can i do to get a head start in my job search? I read an interesting article today which might provide some insights for your job search. what i like about the article is how they have drawn the similarity between characteristics of good commedian and successful job search. At the end of the […]

Qualities job interviewer look for

Hello guys, it has been awhile since i last posted anything. Been really busy with my work and class and my other 101 stuffs to get myself to retire soonest. Hopefully, sooner 🙂 i believe many believe the economy is picking itself up again. Job opportunities are opening up slowly. Which means, by year end, […]

Clever thinking is deadlier than nasty words

A specific Section of this movie, the other guys, showcase how clever content can be nastier than nasty words. In any confrontation or argument, keep yr cool & blast yr opponent with yr sharp content rather than sharp words. Enjoy the quote below from the other guys: “If we were in the wild, I would […]

Perfection can be a SIN

 “Wah Lao Eh!!! One minute, boss say wants this, next minute, boss say don’t one this already. Restrategise again”  Sounds familiar? You came up with Plan A, your boss wants Plan B. You did Plan B, and your boss requires Plan C. In the end, you wasted weeks and months coming up with powerpoint slides […]

yip yip hooray to my 65th folks

my wkend been all busy with non-stop marking. but it has been quite delightful reading the kind of quality outputs from the 65th folks. You can almost tell everyone has put in some effort for this paper from their answers. They did studied and i also have to say, most of them pay attention during class. […]

Beautiful note from DSM graduate

I receive this beautiful note from a DSM graduate last night which really made my day. it is forthis reason that got me to better my sharing sessions, in hope to impact more lives. “Jason is able to make Integrated Marketing Communication come to life! Having been thru the entire IMC course with him, it […]

Tips to prepare your resume

Hey folks, i came across a write up on how should one prepare your resume. There have been several articles written on resume writing, but i find this one pretty useful. At least, close to what i believe. Thought might be good to share the link with you guys. The article provides several tips […]

How much do you remember about IMC?

Attention IMC fans out there. Let’s see if you remember what are the use of comms tools IMC has to offer? 1) Do you know what is a communications process diagram? 2) Have you ever wonder why sometimes you take alonger time to decide on your purchases, and sometimes you take much shorter time to make […]

ad 211 mid term test

I was amazed by the outcome of Ad 211 mid term test results (before moderation) for the Aug 2010 batch. Coz I actually find the mist term test a bit tough ad tricky. However, the highest score is 45/50. The avg score is 36.6/50. Tat’s actually one of the best scores I ever had with […]

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