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Sell in May, Go Away

May of 2015 has been a real test for Strongerhead. Everything that can go wrong, went wrong. Let’s see: 1) My glasses broke into two 2) Had stubborn cough and stuffy nose for 6 weeks 3) Experienced my first road accident 4) Car battery died on the road right after the accident 5) Career went […]

Jason Strongerhead taking a break from lecturing

As of 2 March 2015, i am officially the Project Manager for one of the top two bunker oil trading companies in the world, Dan Bunkering. Some of you might have already read the news on my Facebook. Time flies often too fast too furious. While i was working to start on my new […]

Strongerhead classes in the last six months

This is the first post in six month, and the last post in 2014. I am really sorry for the long wait for numerous students who have been waiting for their photos to be uploaded. It is definitely my bad. Poor time management. But honestly, I have been swamped with classes and work and more […]

Kaplan Media Power and Ethic Diploma class photo 9 Dec 2013 with Jason Tan Strongerhead

This is actually my first mass communication module after being in this industry for over a decade. I dearly enjoy the module and all the theories were like a very good recap session as i was conducing this module. I guess many students will not forget at least for the short term the power and […]

University Western England Digital Direct Marketing Class photo 23 Oct 2013 with Jason Tan Strongerhead

This is one of the leading marketing module that all marketers must equip themselves with in this digital age. And i am very happy to be conducting and sharing the knowledge on how to create marketing campaign with results and impact using direct marketing concept via digital platforms. This module demystify the concept of digital […]

Curtin Advertising Class outfield trip with Jason Tan Strongerhead Sept 2013

In Sept 2013, we had two career outfield trips with our Ad391 (Campaign Development) class to gather insights into their career development. On 5 Sept, it was a trip to Mindshare Singapore (part of the largest media global network). It was like a mini reunion as I got to meet up with a few of […]

Master Program Dissertation for University Western England at MIS with Jason Tan Strongerhead

I had the privilege of supervising two lady students from Shanghai at Marketing Institute Singapore for their Master Degree program with University of Western England (UWE) in Jul 2013. One of them had flew back to China to expand her career. The other had decided to get a job in Singapore. Not sure how she […]

Jason Tan Strongerhead Advance Diploma Marketing Management class at Kaplan Aug 2013

I was suffering from Dengue fever on the first day of our class. But the students’ infectious energy inspired me dearly. In a month, students’ knowledge of the marketing essentials were being put to test as they are required to design a marketing proposal for a new product launch. Tough but it was not impossible. […]

Advertising Strategy Class at Curtin with Jason Tan Strongerhead Jun 2013

A series of long overdue post. I am feeling the ‘power’ of procrastination. Now needing to play catch up with all my posts that should have been up in June 2013. This was a relatively small class of 7. Gone were those days were we have numerous students who major in Advertising. This is one […]

DSMM 4th Marcom class gave Jason Tan Strongerhead asthma at MIS

It only takes 8 students to rock the class and shake the building. I laughed till I was grasping for air on the last day of our class (14 May 2013, Tue – Gee, this post is long overdue). But I must give credit to Chong Guang Wei, the Indian chef of DSMM 4th part […]

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