what happen to ad 211 class?

I’m kind of puzzled by the vibes i gathered from the current advertising 211 class. i have not change my style of way of teaching. but some how, i witness a lot more yarning, and faces of disinterest. How can i make it more interesting to get them to learn? Clueless for now. I’m jam […]

New DSM intake for May 2010

Dame. my flu and fever i kicking in badly. i guess the doctor is right. i should stop projecting my voice for at least a week to see some improvement to my condition. But i can’t bear to delay the class as a result of my condition. Moreover, after meeting my new DSM class, i […]

my first book on trading

Many of my trading friends would have known, i have alway wanted to write some books about trading. Not just any kinds of trading books. But books that i’ll find it easy to read. Cause very often, i find that one of the barriers i have to overcome is to take the time to read […]

Ad 211 MCQ

The MCQ clashes with one of my seminar that i’m suppose to attend. i actually wanted to postpone the MCQ by a day. But was worried that they might have other class or commitment on other days of the week. And i can understand, sometimes, delaying the test date is not a good feeling for […]

DSM 63th MCQ outcome

Have never encounter such good scores before for MCQ. Were i being too nice. Is my paper really that easy as what MIS claims my paper to be, getting easier for MCQ. I notice those students who attend class just for attendance, or chit chat sessions, and even students who often miss or skip lessons, […]

meeting session with Calvin Soh for the first time

u guys are such a lucky bunch. Or should i say, i like you guys so much, i just hope to give you guys the best i can ever offer šŸ™‚ i’ve managed to secured Calvin Soh, the ex-president of Fallon Asia, and current Chief Creative Office of Publicis Asia to have a meet up […]

know your priorities

i remember attending Dr Elder’s seminar. And i happened to meet my friend who happened to have registered for the same seminar. We chat alot during the breaks. From our conversations, i learned that he is going for the other seminar conducted by Dr Elder two days later. He will be teaching how he trade […]

Quit to win

I have often preach others to dare to quit. Quitting is a good act if you are quitting things that are stopping you from reaching you dreams. Quit things that are going to distract you from achieving your goals. After saying that for the past 3 years, i’d finally gotta experience it myself alot more […]

This is it

This is it. i finally resign from my post. It was a really hard and tough decision to make. I really felt that it was easier to hold on then to let go. At my current level, current salary range, and current achievement, letting go a job without another job at the present economic situation […]

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