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Your testimonial keeps my passion going

After a sleepless Friday, a complete wacky and fun but tiring Sat (as i had to prepare for my wedding event), i now have to devote all my time to finish my lecture notes in the next few days. And i have to also mark all the assignments in the soonest time possible for one […]

What to do when you graduate

X’mas is coming. I am eagerly waiting for 2012’s arrival with open arms. I know I’ll be older, but I’ve a lot of hope that 2012 will be a much better year for me which is keeping my dreams going. How about you? what’s your dream? Or goals? For some, especially for my students or […]

How to be good at what you do?

Nov 2011 – Jan 2012 is looking crazy for Strongerhead. I guess I had taken on more than I should have taken on. Back to back classes starting this week. I hope I can catch up with the pace and my voice will stay intact for me, and all the monthly flu and sore throat, […]

How to choose your University

I have received several enquiries on how to choose your University. There are so many things to consider when choosing your University. some of the evaluation criteria includes the school ranking; its reputation; the quality of the lecturers; what you will be learning; the types and kinds of modules available; the level of difficulty in […]

Introducing the best University

Introducing the School of Life whose origin dated since the start of civilisation. In my opinion, the world’s leading academic institutions worldwide with real life working environment. Full range of facilities that can offer you a discerning leaning experience. Great strategic location, situated within walking distance towards your career goals. Attractive internship programs for hands […]

Class photo with Ad340 July 2011 – Oct 2011

I like this class. You have made all my lessons with Curtin a fun and memorable one. No FRIDAY BLUES feeling when i get to Curtin for lessons. For most of you, this will probably be the last time i am seeing you. It is kinda sad as i do not get to work with you […]

How to pass your exam session

The secret to success lies on 2Ms (the first being the MIND: Psychology; the second being the METHOD). To succeed in anything you wish to pursue, you need to first BELIEF (mind) that it success is within your reach. And you need to know what ACTIONS (method) to take in order to take you to victory. […]

What can i do with my degree

You have completed your degree and you are wondering what can the degree for you. Here is a preconception about what a degree can do for you: TO GET YOU A JOB. Now this is a myth. An urban legend. A paradox. Whatever you wish to call it, you know a degree does NOT guarantee […]

Lost after graduate

I’m graduating soon. What should i do? There’s a couple of standard and general options for most of you out there who are facing similar situation. The options are: 1) Further your studies 2) Go find a job 3) Start a business and be your own boss 4) ‘Wait and see how’ approach In life, […]

Why you should PLAN and STOP

It has been a really long time since I last wrote a posting. I bet my excuse is the lack of time. Or should I say it was due to poor time management. There have been a lot of posting topics running in my mind constantly as I encounter new experiences, new queries from friends […]

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I’m Jason Tan aka Strongerhead.

Strongerhead is a way of thinking (whatever others think, you think opposite).

This blog entails my Strongerhead views to careers development and trading plans for dramatic results. Read on and hope you enjoy my Strongerhead rides.

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