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DSMM 1st & 2nd marcomm last lesson

i fell in love with this batch since day 1. Although we went through a couple of hip ups on our first day, some students got the wrong textbook, some miscomms on our lesson schedule, but hey, it all pans out well. i’ve had some of the best time with this class. I hope you […]

Meeting with Saatchi Lab and Star Cruise at Ad391 Jul 2011 batch

Many students have with them a forest of questions about their career before they graduate. At Ad391, we would arrange for students to meet up with real life practioners in hope to give them insights to their career development. Meeting session with Jason Tan (Saatchi Lab) and Chris Tan (Star Cruise) for insights into a Marketing […]

Job offers dilemma

The last week of July had been really busy and hectic. But I would sweat with no complaints. Coz I was doing what I love. And what sweeten all this hard work further will be my new batch of students. I must say, I really enjoy having lessons with the full time students. This semester, […]

Back to School

Today marks the new semester and new classes for many students. I will be having several sessions from now till September. Like 6 sessions a week. It is going to be hectic. But i will keep the postings coming. So stay tune. Meanwhile, let me give you some updates to what went on during my classes today. […]

books on how to get into advertising

i remember back in my younger days when i was still searching for the light to the right career path. i graduated from Aaccountancy, but was curious to explore other options available such as Advertising (the industry which i ventured into), as i was worried that Accountancy might not be right for me. I really wanted to […]

Lesson from Harry Porter: Achieve the unachievable

I read this from yahoo on lesson learned with Harry Porter. And fell in love with this phrase. “It’s your own choices that define you, not your abilities.” This was one of Dumbledore’s little nuggets of wisdom that he imparted on Harry at Hogwarts. So the next time someone berates you for failing at something […]

job seekers’ tips: how to impress your employer with articles

I’ve received a few queries from one of the students on glorifying your profile with articles writing, a technique that many could use to help build up your reputation within your desired industry. The questions were as follows:  1) How did you manage to find those websites which are willing to publish articles written by […]

First Ad310 class photo

Very really memorable class i had at Curtin. Got to meet most of you guys at Ad211, Ad340, Ad 310 and Ad391. It had been a great experience taking on Ad310 for the first time with u guys. And u guys made it a breeze for me through out the 12 sessions. I had learned a […]

How to find a marketing job in Singapore

I remembered when back in my younger days as I was about to complete my degree education, it had been quite an anxious and worrying situation for me. Suddenly, I felt like I have finally reached the stage where it is time for me to work for REAL. Not just any part time job that […]

Best Paying Jobs

When I asked students what do they wish to do? They would ask me: “Sir, what are the best paying jobs around ah?” Might NOT be the best way to find and build your career by venturing into anything that pays well. But that was how I started mine initially. I remember when I was […]

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