Professional Development Marcom Class photo 14 Sept 2013 with Jason Tan Strongerhead

This is the second time i’m conducting this joint partnership course by Marketing Institute Singapore (MIS) and National University Singapore (NUS). It is a Professional Development Marketing (PDM) certification and i’m honoured to be teaching one of the modules, Marketing Communications (my bread and butter topic which i used to do in my day job previously).

Many weekends were spend together with this bunch of students but the clock ticks really fast when we were having our lessons. I had a lot of fun every single time while i’m conducting this class, and it helps reinforce several marketing communications concept too. The integration of marketing communication tools is now sharper than ever and i hope the students felt the same way too after the module.

I had also heard that this is probably the last batch of students from PDM as the partnership agreement ceased by the end of the year. They are probably the last batch of students who benefited from this course. However, i also heard that MIS has got bigger plans in 2014 ahead. Looking forward to another FUN and FULLFILLING Marketing class again in 2014.

Here’s a tribute to all the PDM Marketers:
weng xiaomiao,candy
Sharon Loh Wei Cheun
Khin Hnaung
Neha Lad
Aditi Gupta
Amillie Chew
shawn tan
Yadana Lwin, Kate
Ting Xiaojun, Joyce
Lui Ga Gan, Kendra
Foo Suan Joo, Steven
Mara Ysabella Maxine Borja
chen changhua, Derek
Pei Ming Tang
Hollie Avil
Ken Ong
Amy Leung
Lim Shu Xiu
Satoshi Yasukawa
Jan Michael Lagapa
Liu Jinbi Joyce
Wong Lee Yin Sophia
Heng Ting Guan
Juniper Yoon
Li Yue
Khin Hnaung

Jason Tan Strongerhead PDM Sept 2013 Class photo 2

Jason Tan Strongerhead PDM Sept 2013 Class photo