Qualities job interviewer look for

Hello guys, it has been awhile since i last posted anything. Been really busy with my work and class and my other 101 stuffs to get myself to retire soonest. Hopefully, sooner 🙂

i believe many believe the economy is picking itself up again. Job opportunities are opening up slowly. Which means, by year end, many would be busy job hunting, going for interviews, in search for new greener pasture (more money too).

Hope my previous postings on how to find a job and prepare your resume has helped to equip yourself in your job seek. For those who have already secured a job interview, here’s a website that might help you prepare for your interview.

Honestly, this is quite general tips as to how you should prepare for an interview. However, they have covered some of the qualities that in my strongerhead opinion, there are the ‘must have’ or to do list before you go for an interview.

Please help yourself to the url at http://tinyurl.com/232dq92