Quit to win

I have often preach others to dare to quit. Quitting is a good act if you are quitting things that are stopping you from reaching you dreams. Quit things that are going to distract you from achieving your goals.

After saying that for the past 3 years, i’d finally gotta experience it myself alot more this year. First, i quit my job. It was a tough choice. But my full time job had required too much of me till i got no time to complete my MBA, no time to lecture, no time to for investment, and no time to read and write. I decided to quit, so that i can do all these things that i wanted to do. Coz i believe it is not my full time job that is going to help me achieve financial freedom. But those other work that i have neglected that will help me get to an ‘early retirement’.

But many might say, which i’m already hearing quite a bit of that. “YOU QUIT YOUR JOB”. How to retire when you don’t even have enough to pull yourself through for your daily expenses.

And i made another tough decision. To terminate my insurance policies. Which adds up to over $1.5k a mth. Just to free up my cash flow issues. But the conseuqences was to forego over $20k of my premium paid to date.

Now, i just need to finance my house and daily expenses to pull through from month to month. My burden is cut by half. Anyone saw the movie “Up in the air” by George Clooney? I now understand the importance of ligthening my ‘backpack’ so that i can go a longer distance.

This ‘quitting’ exercise taught me how to achieve financial security with little income. I’ll write another chapter on that. Hope that my experience can allow others to better plan their financial route to freedom.