Ready for DSM 67

17 Feb kicks start my session with DSM 67th intake. Will it be more enjoyable than the previous? That shall be the goal (and wishes, as it takes two) for StrongerHead this semester.

There is a saying, to receive, you first have to give. Here are some useful links the students might find it handy for their project preparation.

On Brief Company overview:

you should be able to extract 600-700 words for the first section of the report (brief company overview) to highlight (1) nature of the business, (2) brand’s origin and background, (3) brand’s popularity (market share, brand awareness, etc, and (4) major milestones / achievements. When you talk about these sections, you may focus on Italy or in general perspective. (TIP: you can find everything you need from the annual report to attemp all 4 sections)

For other information, it will be posted regularly on StrongerHead as we head deeper into the semester, provided the students appreciate these infor.