Resume writing and Interview workshop with Strongerhead

Conducted one of my favourite topics with my favourite students of MIS on 23 February 2012 (Thurs). It was an intensive full day workshop about the resume writing and preparing for your job interview. Without these students from India and MIS (particularly Lela), I wouldn’t have had the chance to conduct this workshop.

The workshop is conducted to answer some of the questions like: What should a good resume be like? What are the things to take note of for a job interview?

The answer seemed pretty straight forward. Get an “award winning” resume template, and there you go, the best resume ever will be produced.

Make sure you dress well and be yourself at the interview. First impression counts.

Not surprisingly, I have students eagerly anticipating for me to prescribe THE WINNING template that will win them their job.

Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on which side you are at), as Kungfu Panda had revealed, the secret is “THERE IS NO SECRET FORMULA”. Job search is an Art, not science.

It is not the template that does the trick, it is the content you put into your resume that impresses your potential employers.

And finding the right job is like dating. If you really want to have a prescription, here would be my advice:

1)      Know yourself (your goals, your strengths, your weakness).

2)      Find companies where your greatest strengths would be their greatest leverage. (give them a reason to hire you)

3)      Turn your resume and interviews into a stimulus filled with quantifiable proofs to demonstrate your greatest strengths that they can leverage on. (serves as a form of assurance)

One last recap of the workshop. The one who gets hired are the one who knows how to get himself/herself hired, but might not be the one who is perfect for the job.

Happy job hunting all my students from India. And stay in touch.