Sell in May, Go Away


May of 2015 has been a real test for Strongerhead. Everything that can go wrong, went wrong. Let’s see:

1) My glasses broke into two
2) Had stubborn cough and stuffy nose for 6 weeks
3) Experienced my first road accident
4) Car battery died on the road right after the accident
5) Career went haywire
6) Relationship disaster strikes
7) Went to Vietnam for Jordan Belfort Boot Camp but it was all a scam (met the real wolf of wall street)
8) Debtors went missing
9) Financial woes due to payroll issues as all of the above cost money
10) Shall stop at 9 as I am getting too negative already

There are several schools of thoughts. Could be bad luck cycle. Could be negativity breeding more negativity. Whatever. Things were so bad, you can even see the colour of my forehead turning black.

A very important lesson I managed to take away with me from all these. There is a wake-up call in every bad experiences. Plus, I now have at least 9 new strongerhead stories to add to my chapter in life. Shall share them in my lectures soon 🙂

There is a saying by investors and traders “Sell in May, Go Away”. I certainly wish I had sold all bad experiences away in May and start afresh in June.

When everything breaks apart, we rebuild. Shall make 2015 the biggest turnaround for Strongerhead. Wish me luck.