Strongerhead birthday wishes hall of fame 2012

Just a few days ago marks my 34th birthday. I was elated by the many wishes and greeting messages from numerous friends, students and colleagues. I felt as though I was having a reunion with you guys via FaceBook. It just warms my heart in truly madly deeply ways even though I was going through a tough and troubling moments presently. I would like to thank all of you for your wishes. This got me to realize even the simple words can mean so much.

I would love to put you all in my 2012 Jason Strongerhead Birthday wishes and greetings Hall of Fame. I would like to thank you guys for being on my ‘timeline’.

1. She will be my first person I want to thank, remember, and have her on my timeline. Christie Ho, my wife and soul mate who is the hottest, cutest, sweetest, kindest, smartest and brightest person who never failed to do her best to cheer me up.
2. Kelvin Tzh, the humble guy i knew from MIS DSMM, and prefers to stay low profile by not giving me a B-day greetings on my FB timeline
3. Valerie Sim, our tall but quiet lady from MIS DSM
4. Cheryl Lim, pretty and remarkable girl from Curtin Advertising modules
5. Smart and talented Glen Liu from Curtin, also known as the chick magnet
6. Fermelle Ho, sizzling hot smartie from MIS 69th DSM who swims a lot and able to train you to achieve sales results
7. My ex-Publicis colleague, Cheryl Wee, good suit who can manage your clients and projects efficiently
8. Donald Trinh, all the way from Vietnam, one of the most attentive and passionate guy whom I’ve met at Curtin enrichment class
9. Peh Shan, from one of my all time favourite Curtin advertising classes. Sweet SQ cabin crew too but happily attached already guys
10. Ezumi Lee, my ever so kind hearted and helpful ex-Publicis colleague
11. Ignatius Lee, my wealth builder mate who never fail to instill logic and knowledge about investments
12. Rido Anugerah Bhakt, supporter of my Curtin enrichment sessions
13. Justina Eliza Ang, the bright eyes and mind girl from MIS DSM,
14. Jose Hien, the gathering specialist who make students reunion happen
15. Isman Tanuri, our Social Media guru from MIS
16. Federick Teo, from Curtin, the guy who got me a cool key chain from Europe.
17. Hui Ping , our Ping Ping of Curtin
18. Calvin Tan, my ex-BBDO and Proximity immediate superior and friend and buddy
19. Denise Nysse, the girl who is obsessed with creativity from Curtin
20. Dawn Heidi, godsend child (ti gong kia) of MIS DSM 69th, and she is HOT but hard to get
21. Dung Ngo from Curtin and originated from Vietnam
22. Jullian Lim from Curtin, a leader in the making
23. Joanne Ng , my e-pen pal since Friendster days
24. Christopher Yang , a Dr and Financial consultant, the money matters guy to go to
25. Conrad Alvin Lim, My Shi Fu of trading who taught me two very important LINES that makes money, Support and Resistance
26. Sui Hua, our pretty M’sian student from Curtin who knows how to make exam looks easy
27. Jerlyn Tan, one of the most hardworking and ever passionate girl within the Advertising industry from MIS DSM 70th
28. Dennis Choo, from MIS DSM 68th and marketing guru of Jui Marketing agency, happily married to Joelle Jo
29. Wai Yan Aung, the super moderator of Playfish from MIS DSM
30. Zin Lin Tin, playful and cheerful and wonderful girl from MIS
31. Tiara Chen, party animal, a member of the HOT stuff gang of Curtin
32. Ariel Chia, the Hot Stuff founder of Curtin, who is also known as “Auntie” because she uses zip lock bags and recycle plastic bags and love to only shop at Daiso
33. Michelle Tay, one of the girl with the brightest mind from curtin
34. Amanda Lim, who get to travel around in Boom Zoom style
35. Chew Ying Xuan from Curtin, a girl who in accordance to some bazi reading, is a very devoted girlfriend and wife material
36. Dexter Ang Xing Quai, consistently hardworking and passionate guy with a touch of creative mind from Curtin
37. Oh Keng Choon, friendly student from MIS DSM 68th
38. Noel Heng, from Curtin, business minded man who knows how to trade and make more money too
39. Marc Tan, ACE student with ACE learning attitude from MIS DSM and ACE insurance
40. Cindy Chay, chirpy and smart girl from one of my favourite Curtin advertising class
41. Kian Hong Chew, our handsome guy from Curtin
42. Ever responsible George Lim from MIS DSM and Resort Sentosa
43. Josephine Teo , Ah Chan’s good friend and Iris good employee
44. Nesilla Manlangit Chan from Curtin, and a happy mother too
45. Steven Okyquiet Indonesia Surabaya gentleman from Curtin
46. Yvonne Liew from MIS 66th DSM, who is an aspiring manager from P&G, and we are suppose to go for dinner since her graduation. My bad…
47. Angela Lim, very smart, pretty, cheerful, progressive girl from MIS DSM 64th, and now a degree holder, capable of making a mark in any company she joins
48. Spencer Beh from MIS DSM, the go to guy for organizational leadership & creative skills
49. Baron Chua, our macho, helpful and friendly staff of MIS
50. Samantha Tan, our sweet & gentle lady from MIS DSM
51. Sara Yeoh, from one of my favourite Curtin advertising classes
52. Cythia Pavee, my ex-saatchi KL who brought me good and happy working memories back in our Saatchi days
53. Yuhui Wang , our Publicis mei mei xiao mei during my time at Publicis
54. Wilson Lee, the guy who work SMART from MIS DSM
55. Benny Chan, from MIS DSM 69th, the kind fellow who gave me a ride after a really tiring day after class
56. Ivy Lim from MIS DSM who knows how to get you great car deals and good bargains
57. Foo Yong Qi, the outstanding & creative presenter of Curtin
58. Joanne Shizuka Ashley from Curtin, the member of power puff girls’ club who knows how to make things happen
59. Stylo Jeremy Koh from MIS DSM 54th
60. Mr Chong Kok Jong, my ex- colleague and mentor from MIS
61. Hua Qian, pretty face with clever mind from Curtin
62. Jiaer, partner in crime of Sui Hua, who always roam around the corridor at Curtin.
63. Caley Tan, my pen pal from M’sia since icq days
64. Suzanne Wang, girl who made me wake up printing factory at 2am to print her school project portfolio
65. Chrix Yong, our masculine and creative ex-colleague from Publicis
66. Brandon Lim, hardworking pal in constant perusal of his dreams, from MIS DSM
67. Timartin Tijoa, cool guy from Curtin, whose willing to get his hands dirty
68. Theresia Kristoforus, the lady from Curtin who clearly paints a picture that foreign talents are a force to be reckon with
69. Khin Sandy, smart and witty student of MIS GDM
70. Lela Mohamed, my colleague from MIS, whom I would present the Best supporter award anytime, anywhere, anyplace.
71. Linn Tan from Curtin, the wonderful mama who just knows how to get things under control
72. Elizabeth Ann Eunice Tan-Liang of MIS DSM 63th, who demonstrated that behind every successful man, there’s a women
73. Wayne Tay, sincere guy from Curtin, who is willing to go the extra mile for you
74. Yukine June Lee from MIS DSM 64th, the lady who took my photo (that appeared in Stomp)
75. Jason Chan, my Ex-Fallon and Saatchi colleague
76. Gladys Zhang, the lady from Curtin who is full of drive and zest
77. Yahui Cai, walking testimonial from Curtin who can show you why Jan bb are smart and clever
78. Juan Phoa, funky ex-Saatchi colleague
79. Antonia Bulgakova, all the way from Russia
80. Rachel Ho, one of the sweetest and friendliest MIS staff
81. Sera Bella, from Curtin, probably the most efficient and progressive programme executive at AMKFSC
82. Anuja Weeranarayana, my ex colleague from the most hardworking team at Saatchi
83. Witty Ann Lim
84. Neo Wah Hing, friend of mine from wealth academy
85. Jimmy Wong Keng Keong, our joker from MIS DSM, the lucky guy whose also happily married
86. Very sincere and hardworking Renee Yip from Curtin
87. Deena Phuong Dinh, My Auntie’s niece
88. Reana Tan who knows how to have fun
89. Seriya Lee, very hot chili pudy of MIS DSM 66th
90. Dongchul Shin, a real Korean gentleman from Curtin
91. Lawrence Geng, my insurance agent from Prudential
92. Entrepreneurial Julia Ang of MIS DSM 69th, where you get to find very cute BB online clothes
93. Jason Wee, my child hood friend who taught me how to sian cha bo
94. Handsome and talented Wei Wen Yeong from MIS DSM, but already unavailableb
95. Joshua Ng, nick name, Dinosaur head, my nephew, who is getting heavier by the day
96. Apple, our MIS DSMM gorgeous lady all the way from China
97. Karen Chua, my ex-colleague from Publicis
98. Eunice Nicole Lim, the girl who always go the extra mile to make her work looks polished
99. Hazey, my ex-colleague Publicis
100. Rachel Chua, our miss China Town who become a teacher to nurture our next generation
101. Nicolas Tey of MIS DSM with all the great lobangs from Groupon
102. Jason Lee, talented and bright apprentice of Conrad’s trading academy
103. Ever chirpy Minami, also part of the 3 musketeers with Eunice and Xiao Tian from Curtin
104. Irene Seah, very smart student of MIS DSM 69th who can smoke really well in class when being thrown with any challenges questions
105. Dhruval Pradip Vyas, keen learner who came all the way from India to attend MIS Social Media Marketing class
106. Yokebeth Claresta Wijaya, from Curtin enrichment class
107. Ernest Cheng, high potential one from Curtin filled with great ambition
108. Charmane Foo, my ex-Publicis colleague
109. Brenda Jiang, long time e-pal
110. Adeline Lee of MIS DSM 68th
111. Yeow Yijun, the girl from Curtin who you should never let her nonchalant attitude deceives you. She actually cares a lot about her work
112. Lee Yunglet from MIS DSM
113. Beatrice Chow, hybrid of marketing talent and design skills from Curtin
114. Chew Xuanwei, the guy from MIS DSM 70th who can share with you what sweet victory taste like
115. Claudine Law, my ex-Saatchi colleague who have provided me with undisputed support of the highest reliability and quality
116. Goh Kang Wei, our Eng Jek (known as discipline master – realize my spelling for Singlish also not very good) from wealth academy
117. Roy Goh, chick magnet from ex-Publicis, who has now turn over a new left as a teacher to provide education on how to be a chick magnet
118. Ivan Chong , from Adam Khoo learning technologies
119. Goh Nai Ying from Curtin, entrepreneurial spirit and have a good sense about marketing
120. Elysia Chan, our girl from Curtin who can prove to you that a true marketer is one who can attract over 3500 customers online
121. Evern Khoo from Curtin. She is petit but hot chili pudy. However, she get things done in organised and efficient fasion. Highly reliable person to work with
122. Kristin Lee, from MIS DSM 65th, also a newly wedded. Congrats to you ah
123. Winnie Yeung , my long lost HK Pen Pal
124. Melissa Bek, Ah chan’s good friend and now my good friend too
125. Shewon Ng, very sweet and pretty girl who can design and knows put sense into a marketing plan
126. Dawn Lee, our hottest and sweetest sweetie pie of Saatchi. Very proud to have her on my FB timeline and also honoured to have her for two of my Ad391 student meet and greet session
127. Estar Rino D’Hayah, now with CIMB and we will be meeting coming Wed for a student meet & greet session. Thanks a lot Estar
128. Sharry Low, ex colleague from Publicis, one of those very very good suit around
129. Deanson Lee, the student from Curtin whom I believe will make me proud. See you on 9 May for student meet and greet session. it’ll be at CIMB bank 
130. Brigitte Yeo from MIS DSM, probably the best account manager of NETe2 Asia
131. Betty Zeng from Curtin Enrichment session
132. Derrick Liau, kind hearted soul who is now an online guru and graduated from WAT33
133. Mary Alexius Cordovilla, very pretty lady with brains. Lucky boyfriend
134. Annie Boo, my ex-Saatchi colleague whom you will not want to mess around with. Hot, smart, sorry, VERY SMART and quick witted. Agencies who got to secure her as your suit can expect big things to happen to your accounts she’s been tasked with
135. Valentina Rebecca, very decent girl from Curtin who got a shock with a scene from American Pie Reunion 😛
136. Jesslyn Yifang, if anyone ever with to get design tips or help, she is the person I would strongly recommend you to go to
137. Judy Cheong, from Curtin and a bloody good writer too
138. Sharon Yeo, very good mother and wife to Ignatius, and friend to our Wealth builder group.
139. Tan Hui Li, my Child Hood Friend from PHS
140. Ong Huey Ping from MIS DSM with a lot of goodies and treats
141. Janet Chow, a must have CNY reunion gathering session. Very street smart and hot girl who never grows old on the outside, but very wise on the inside
142. Julia Lim, my travel advisor for overseas hot deals
143. Darren Quek from MIS DSM
144. Alvin Ong, Sam’s happening Airforce friend
145. Caroline De Castro, my ex-publicis colleague, one of the best finance person I have ever worked with
146. Jessica Soh, whose birthday is just one day after mine. Happy birthday to you too.
147. Gigi Loh, from mini mouse fan club. One of the most eligible bachelorette around

Once again, thank you all.

Here are some of the photos to showcase my presies. A little thought meant so much from some of my students, my wife, and my nephew (i’m glad he spelled milloniare correct)