Strongerhead Career Outfield trip with Curtin Singapore

On 18 August, 2013, Sunday, our Curtin students from Ad391 (Advertising Campaign Development) had the pleasure to meet our miss Sunshine girl from Taiwan, Retainna Lim.

Strongerhead career outfield trip with Retainna Lim Yi Yi and Curtin Singapore

Probably, due to Retainna’s chirpy and friendly nature, she was bombarded with several questions, and the meet & greet session lasted for over 2 hours. Instead of me doing summary of the session, let me share with you what my Curtin Students (particularly from Ng Li Ying, Jogina, and Nurul Shahida) had done up which well summarised their take away from this valuable session.

Here’s a brief intro about Retainna Lim by Jogina:

Strongerhead Career Outfield Trip with Retainna Lim

Ng Li Ying, one of our elite Advertising students of Curtin did a fantastic write up which well summarises the session. I thought that would best explain what we had been discussing during the meet & greet session.

Strongerhead Career Outfield trip summary by Ng Li Ying

Strongerhead Career Outfield trip summary by Ng Li Ying page 2

Lastly, Nur had put together the session’s main take away, which i thought is definitely worth sharing with all fresh graduates and job seekers.

Strongerhead Career Outfield trip summary by Nurul Shahida