Strongerhead classes at the roof-top with Curtin advertising students

We are fortunate and honoured to have Calvin Soh, one of S’pore’s top Creative Director to share best practices and case studies of effective advertising campaigns around the world.

It was a three hours session showcasing the differences between the old school version of advertising campaigns and the new school version of the advertising campaigns. Calvin did a show and tell on various success factors behind these great campaigns and what he liked about it. These are vaulable point of views that students used to help define their perspectives and frameworks for good campaigns.

Students were given the opportunities to see the differences between old school versus new school approach to advertising. And how they should position their frame of thoughts and mindset to prepare themselves as they embrace into the marketing industry. The way how customers of the world would like to be spoken to, how they wish for you to approach them, make friends with them, and communcate with them has changed with time. As such, different skills and techniques and knowledge have to be accquired to stay in the marketing game.

However, the fundamental of good marketing or advertising campaigns remains intact. Any good campaigns begins with good insights (knowledge that could potentially bridge the relationship between your brand / product and your customers). In short, you need to understand your customers before you know how to strike a fruitful conversation and, what topics would interest them, where  & when is the best time and place to have a conversation with them.

In the same token, how do you impress your the other half (your girlfriend or boyfriend)? what should you do or buy for them that will surprise them, touch them, make them feel your sincerity? Everyone will have a different answer. But regardless of what the answer is going to be, there’s one fundamental truth, you ned to know and understand your partner before you know the answer to the question. Agree?

Similarily, if you wish to start a relationship with your customers or potential customers, first you need to understand them. Make sense?

Do not start any campaigns by being creative. Creativity will lose its lethal edge without good insights.

Thanks for the attendance and support. Without you guys, the session would not have been a fruiful one. Big thank you to Calvin Soh for his time and effort. This session would not been possible without him.

Ad391: Goh Nai-Ying; Jayanti Elvi; Low Priscilla Rui Xi; Sharon Leong Jia Ying; Kuan Pei Lin Joanna

Ad340: Lim Li Yong (Amanda); Tay Sze Bin (Michelle); Chia Tsin- yi (Ariel); Chew Ying Xuan; Chen Huiyun (Tiara); Moniaga Sharon; Octavia Gellien; Crystal Maybelline; Kalangie Josiah; Budianto Rebecca Licacristi; Guo Jingxuan (Joanne); Chan Siow Wei (Isabella); Shin Dongchul (Steven); Soon Yong En; Chia Charmaine; Chew Ying Xuan; Liu Glen

Some of my other advertising students & friends: Dennis; Jonathan Koh; Sylvia; Dexter; Jordan; Amy Tan (BBDO).