Strongerhead Social Media lesson at MIS

It’s been with great pleasure to have students from India and Vietnam for a social media session at Marketing Institute Singapore. The vibes and energy level are infectious. It feels like X’mas with these folks around throughout the 5 intensive sessions.

To sum it up, these students would be rated 5 out of 5 for their learning attitude. And most of them are fast learner. They are able to capture the essence of Social Media Marketing within the 5 sessions. It was demonstrated from their case studies and presentations.

The key take away from the social media lessons would probably be:

1)      Have a good business concept first

2)      Define the role of your social media to your business

3)      Think conversational instead of one off campaign

Social Media is not your magic wand that produces miracle for businesses. Just like any sweet successes, it takes a lot of focus and hard work before you can enjoy the fruit. Talk about focus and hard work, the students’ hunger and passion to excel in their careers surpass many Singaporeans out there. I hope we can pull up our socks to stay competitive in this friendly rivalry.