strongerhead ways to selling yourself for marketing job openings

there’s no real answers to what makes a good cover letter. Different jobs, different people reading the cover letters would define what is good in their own terms.

Whenever you write a cover letter, prepare resume, or emails, always put yourself into the shoes of your potential hirer. Why he/she is hiring? What kind of company are they, and the kinds of products they are selling? From there, you should be able to make an intelligent guess on what would be your marketing role, and how u can add value to it. And your resume, cover letter, selling point should resolve around your ability to value add to their corporation.

For example: a 2nd hand DVD store looking for a marketing exe.  Your email title could be “ways to sell more DVDs”. “Make selling 2nd DVDs easy”. “i know how to sell 2nd DVDs like hot cakes.” Your cover letter could be abt how your knowledge on internet marketing – such as social media marketing, search marketing, and how u can leverage on these to promote 2nd hand DVD. how your branding knowledge can create an identity for 2nd hand DVDs, and their store? How your other knowledge can contribute ideas to build chain retail 2nd hand DVD at low cost, and widen distributions. how your operational management knowledge can help plan for better logistics management. And your contacts can add value to bringing all these to life.

I am sure, the boss of this 2nd hand DVD store will at least hope to meet up with u for a chat to tap on your brains, and explore any chance of working together.

Hope this helps.