Strongerhead’s first lecturing award

It’s been a week into March 2012, and alot have happened. One of the biggest surprise was winning my first lecturer’s award, “Teaching Excellence award” with Marketing Institute Singapore (MIS).

I have to thank everyone who has voted for me. All the students who have went through 12 sessions of marketing communications classes. To all the staffs at MIS, especially Mickey and Lela for the support and guidance. It is your valuable feedbacks that got me to excel and progress in the right direction. I must say without the Power Puff girls of MIS (Lela, Nur, Adeline, Maimunah, Elizelle, etc) and the motivation from Mickey, and most of all, the responses and the quality participation from the students (from DSM, DSMM to GDM), i wouldn’t have been able to bring out the better of me.

This has just reinforce my beliefs that the effort and sweat and 100s of  hours of preparation is all worth it.  Whenever i feel lazy, this award will serve as a reminder for me to pick up my socks and keep going again.

Once again, thank you all for the recognition.